Private Concierge Nurse

           Making a difference one client at a time

Care Management -

Care Managers are expert problem solvers! They provide and coordinate the services and resources needed by the aging population. Care Management should be strongly considered when caring for a loved one who becomes

unmanageable, the illness is complex and medication management is difficult, or when daily demands and other responsibilities make it impossible for you to provide the attention needed by your loved one. 

Services Include;

   ~   Comprehensive assessment and individual care plans

  ~   Coordination of medical services

  ~   Medication management

  ~   Supervision of home health care

  ~   Arranging in-home assistance, both medical and non-medical

  ~   Crisis intervention

  ~   Home environment safety evaluation

  ~   Nutrition/Dietary management

  ~   Social/Recreational activity planning

  ~   Long term life-care planning

  ~   Patient evaluation for long term nursing home placement

  ~   Coordination of living arrangements or relocation

  ~   Coordination of resources and support

  ~   Coordination of financial and legal services

Medication Management-

Addresses major gaps in care that leave older adults at risk for adverse medication effects, providing unique information not typically available to prescribers, such as adverse effects, patients' use of over-the-counter medications, duplications resulting from multiple prescribers or hospital stays, and adherence problems.

These are Red Flags;

  • Unnecessary therapeutic duplication (e.g., generic and brand name of same drug)
  • Falls, dizziness, or confusion possibly caused by inappropriate psychotropic drugs (e.g., tranquilizers, antidepressants, sleep aids, diphenhydramine)
  • Questionable memory or functional deficits
  • Cardiovascular medication problems related to high blood pressure, dizziness, low blood pressure or low pulse.
  • Inappropriate use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) in those with risk factors for peptic ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding.

 Hourly Nursing Visit-

 Is ordered by a physician for a client whose illness, injury, physical, or mental condition creates a need for the visit or hourly care.  Nursing visits can insure client safety and well being.  Visits can be flexible and scheduled to meet clients needs. Client may request a visit "for a piece of mind."

Reasons why Dr. may order visits ;

Pre and Post Op care

Patient teaching- new diagnosis or reinforcement

B12, PT/INR or Blood comfort of home

Follow up to a procedure or hospitalization.

Follow up to an ER visit or Fall

Follow up to a previous visit

Changes in medication or regimen - understanding

All medical services are tailored to clients needs. Services are coordinated, implemented  with, and supervised by the Primary Care Physician who is frequently updated by Private Concierge Nurse. 

Estate/Household Management and Discreet Concierge Services - are also tailored to clients needs and requests. This includes things like Maintaining personal affairs, Coordination of home service professionals ( plumber, electrician, handyman, dog groomer, etc.), Seasonal home / Condo opening and closing, Travel Arrangements, Bill paying, Social Secretary / Appointment setting, Weekly services such as shopping or marketing, Visits to the hairdresser or Organized leisure activities/social activities, Transportation to and from appointments, Doctor / Dentist visits, Basic Computer lessons-

(must have own computer)/Skype with loved ones. These are only a few services, Please contact me to discuss a more structured/detailed schedule.